Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photos of Brad Avery

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As you can see, I added another new page to this blog: a photo gallery. In this gallery you can find a lot of photos of Brad Avery. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Interviews with Brad Avery

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As you can see, added a new page to this blog. On this page, you can find various interviews with either just Brad Avery or with Third Day including Brad. You can also find full magazines there, and in these magazines you'll find at least one interview or article with or about Third Day with Brad Avery or just about Brad. I sorted these interviews and articles by date, as far as I could find the dates of the interviews.

Check them out, and let me know what you think!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sinking Deep with Brad Avery


Y'all may know Hillsong Young & Free's song "Sinking Deep", sung by Aodhan King. I really love this song (and Hillsong Young&Free), and a few days ago I found out that North Point also played it. And yes, of course they played it with Brad Avery.. I think Aodhan King sings it better than Todd Fields (Todd is the one who sings it for North Point), but it is nice to watch anyway.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Thank You" written by Brad

A while ago, I wrote a post about Third Day songs written by Brad. In that post, I provided lyric videos on these songs, and also some explanations from Brad himself on these songs. I think all of you got to know a bit more about Brad as a songwriter because of that post. But as some of you may know, Brad did not only write songs for Third Day. He also wrote a song called "Thank You" with his friend Scott Thomas, back in 2007 (when Brad was still with Third Day). In this post I want to provide some information on this song and why it was written. The pictures in this post are pictures of Brad Avery and Scott Thomas when they were presenting this song (click on them if you want to see them larger).

"Thank You" was the new theme song for "A Million Thanks". It's a stirring anthem written from the perspective of someone back home, writing a letter of gratitude to a soldier fighting somewhere across the globe. The song shares a common focus with its unique, charitable campaign.

The inspiration for "Thank You" began at an airport when Scott Thomas met a soldier who was departing for Fallujah after a two week visit with his family in the U.S. After a moving conversation, Scott felt led to reach out in some way, but didn't know what to do. With all of the negative news coverage of the war, none of which focused on our soldiers and their sacrifice, he decided to write a song to show his gratitude. With help from his good friend, Brad Avery, they put their thoughts and feelings to music.

Brad and Scott hope to encourage soldiers and their families by letting them know the gratitude felt for their sacrifice for our country and our freedom. "We also hope to incite others to express their thanks verbally and through random acts of kindness to soldiers and their families," shares Brad. "We want people who are sacrificing like that to tknow that they're cared for, they're loved, they're appreciated," said Brad, whose brother has served in the war. "I know that a song can't do much. I know that's in no way going to repay somebody for their sacrifice, but that's our heart behind it. We're just very appreciative."

Expressing their own gratitude was only part of the goal for "Thank You".

This is a video in which you can see Brad and Scott playing the song:

Below you can listen to an interview with Brad and Scott about their song "Thank You".

And of course, you can also buy this song on iTunes here:

Brad Avery starting a solo career/recording a solo record?

I made a new page on this blog, which you can find through the following link: Please read my message there. This may be our one and only chance to get Brad Avery back in the music scene!

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